Environment: The ideal charging temperature for lithium battery is 20-26. Please avoid charging the battery under an extremely cold temperature (under 0) or hot (above 50) environment as it may damage, reduce the battery’s service life, or even cause a fire.


Timing: The lithium battery does not have a memory effect. We suggest our customers charge the battery whenever possible, do not wait until the battery is completely dry which may reduce the battery life. We recommend to charge the battery right after every ride to better protect the battery.


Place: Please park your bike indoor if conditions allow, which can avoid raining, theft, or direct sunlight. If not using the E-bike for a long time, we recommend customers to charge the battery to over 40%, and place the battery in a stable, dry, and cool environment, and charge the battery at least once a month to prolong the battery’s service life.


Charger: The original charger should be used only. Non-standard or unqualified charger may cause a battery failure and reduce battery service life.


Service Life: Lithium battery can be fully charged and discharged about300-500 times (cycles). Charging 0-100% one time is one cycle, while charging 50-100% is 0.5 cycle. Also, the performance of the battery will reduce based on various conditions, includes temperature, rider's weight etc.